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In 2022, ClonBio Group Ltd. acquired Wisconsin's largest ethanol plant, located in Jefferson, Wisconsin. After a successful restart, the plant is awaiting its next chapter, which involves a complete transformation from a regular ethanol plant into an advanced biorefinery.

This ambitious project aims not only to enhance its production capabilities but also to significantly reduce its environmental footprint. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative processes, the revamped facility is expected to set new standards in the industry for sustainability and efficiency. This move reflects ClonBio Group Ltd.'s commitment to advancing green energy solutions and its dedication to contributing positively to the global environmental landscape.

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Aztalan's story is just beginning and is off to a great start. Aztalan Bio and its sister company in Europe, Pannonia Bio, are the world's only two large grain processing plants equipped with dry front-end fractionation systems, serving as an essential launching point for biorefinery innovations.

Over the next several years, Aztalan will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into a biorefinery transformation uniquely suited to Wisconsin's strengths.

These innovations will support thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly, and will result in annual greenhouse gas (GHG) savings in the millions of tons.

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